We are excited to share with you a new commuting service - FITS Commute, which started on 12/18/2017. It is based on our industry/university cooperative research project of Columbia with NDJ Sustainable Engineering LLC project - Flexible Integrated Transportation Systems (FITS). This Pilot Project will keep running though the whole Spring semester and Summer time, 2018 following Columbia's working calendar.

The FITS Project aims to develop a smart, flexible, reliable commute service, which can be as convenient, fast as driving by self, but as economic, green as public transit. Based on our experience, we are creating the following nonstop service:

  • 7:50AM Tenafly -> Columbia TC (arrival time 8:20~8:50AM)
  • 5:10PM Columbia TC -> Tenafly (arrival time 5:35~6:00PM)
  • Note: The above service will run for 9 months unless better services are created
    Tenafly stop - Grace Chapel, 341 Tenafly Rd, Tenafly, NJ 07670
    Columbia TC stop - Teacher College, 525 W 120th St, NYC

    Courtesy stop at CUMC (Riverside Dr. & W 165th St – no pick-up)
    Manhattanville (12th Ave & W 132nd St - Pick up at 5:00PM only)
  • Contact Me: Jason, Phone: 206-954-2211. Or email your questions to fitscommute.service@gmail.com .

Payment Policy

Although FITSCommute has been sponsored by NDJ Sustainable Engineering LLC for software development and system management, the operational cost of this service will be shared by riders. The payment policy is given as follows:

For the Tenafly - Columbia route, the base price is $5 per ride, which is subjected to change with a one-month in-advance notice.

The semi-monthly payment should be made usually on the 15th and last days of the month with email or phone reminder. You can pay with your EBPA (pretax transit) or other credit cards. If the payment cannot be made timely, your new reservations will be subjected to surcharge (double price).

This Pilot Project is basically a not-for-profit community service. We will update the financial statement of the FITSCommute Operation each month for the future 5 months.

Columbia faculty, who own parking space at Morningside campus, can write e-mail to parking@columbia.edu to request a suspension of their parking spot for this semester to try out the FITS Commute service. They can resume their parking spot if they quit from this service.



Not until I tried this van pool by FITS Commute Service did I know how convenient and easy it is to commute to work. I have been using the van to/from Tenafly, NJ and Studebaker for almost two weeks. The van drops me off at the corner of Broadway and 132nd Street and picks me up right outside Studebaker building. The van has been consistently punctual, the fee is relatively cheaper than alternative public transportation and I have met other CU employees. I highly recommend this van to anybody that wants to save commuting time and cost to work.


I have been with the FITS Commute vanpool since 12/22/17. So far, it’s been a win-win for me. Here’s why:

Cost-effective - Less cost than NJ transit bus/subway to Morningside Campus and driving alone.

Fast - I have saved a half hour or more each way in commuting time. That’s one hour a day that I get back to my life.

Convenient - Tenafly pick up is a perfect location for those of us who live in this region of Bergen County. Also, TC is a great central spot for Morningside employees for pick up.

Punctual - The van leaves on time and at the perfect time for me (7:50am) so there is no rushing to work, and allows ample time to arrive before 9am even with heavy traffic.

Efficient - The online reservation system is user friendly, and I can cancel my reservation last minute if I need to stay home and I won’t be charged.

Comfortable - The ride is safe and allows the commuter to work, read, check emails, etc.

Green - It’s a greener commute than driving by myself.


FitsCommute has de-stressed (as opposed to distressed) my commute and improved my productivity at work. Before FitsCommute I never knew when I would get to Columbia from Tenafly or to Tenafly from Columbia. In the morning, the Ameribus could come early, late or not at all. In the evening, I would have to leave work by 4:30 or risk not getting the bus home. Now, I get to work well before 9 and leave no earlier than 5. I never have to worry about getting to work or home late. Thank you FitsCommute!


First and foremost, I’d like to say that the van pool option has been an amazing experience. I really enjoy riding in the vanpool with other Columbia University colleagues. It is a wonderful way of communicating with colleagues you may not see during the course of the day. Additionally, it is absolutely delightful to be able to relax on the way to work and back home. Lastly, this van pool alternative significantly reduces travel time and transportation costs. I can truly say I am beyond grateful for this van pool and hoping for its continued success. If you live in the Bergen County area, my advice to you is to give this van pool a try. You have nothing to lose and so much to gain. You will not be disappointed!